Remine Docs+

Collaborative, cloud-based transaction management, end-to-end document creation, e-signature, multiparty collaboration, and transaction management all in one place.

The Documents you need + the backing and support of Remine technology.

Remine application on desktop computer screen

The Remine Difference

Our smart form technology is unlike any other. As a full transaction management resource, real estate professionals can now seamlessly manage all transactional paperwork with one product. Stay compliant with a fully downloadable audit report and detailed revision history.

Most platforms don’t offer significant improvements over the traditional document management and signing process; PDF is simply the new paper, e-signature is the new pen and email is the new fax machine. Docs+, however, is a true shift forward. It integrates the entire transaction process — from document creation to back-office submission and review — into one intuitive, cloud-based collaborative tool.

Contracts are the corner-store of any real estate transaction. With Docs+, creating contracts and getting them signed takes minutes, and collaborating and distributing documents is a breeze.

Docs+ Whitepaper

Remine Docs+ is a true shift forward in simplifying real estate paperwork using one intuitive, cloud-based collaborative tool. Download our new whitepaper and learn more about how Canadian real estate boards can provide their members a transaction management platform that creates a far superior client experience.